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JUNE - "The tiniest dewdrop hanging from a grass blade in the morning is big enough to reflect the sunshine and the blue of the sky." (from our perpetual calendar 25th June)

Engineering over the babbling brook As I start this blog, 22nd of June, I'm sitting in a world just awakening. Birds are active all around me, the siskins don't move, or even stop feeding, when I approach them. For a moment the birdsong stops and I wonder what is lurking nearby. Something has been in the garden according to Orlando's nose!! It's a poorly nose at the moment though. He was bitten or stung by something fierce and is now having medicine for it. When he was a puppy, he had a snake bite that was worse but this is not fun for him either! We believe the culprit may have been a Great Water Diving Beetle. Ginny photographed one in the pond the day after he was hurt. We didn't know it was there - or what it was until we researched it. Orlando and Jessie both drink from the pond but Orlando doesn't just stop there on the edge - he swims in it - it's not big - but he pretends!!! He hasn't been in the pond since his injury so it looks likely the beetl

NOVEMBER - "There are always flowers for those who want to see them." Henri Matisse