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July - "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven," (Ecclesiastes Chapter 3)

I feel like their fairy godmother when I water the growing things in the garden. When the sun has lowered, and the day's jobs are done, I actually enjoy giving everything a thorough soaking. Then, after a few sleeps, I reap the fruits of my labours when I make the same walk around the garden and see the strong, healthy plants growing together to create our magic realm. I haven't needed to put on my tulle this year though! The rain has been wonderful for the crops but some plants in the garden seem to have had a bit too much of it. Broad-headed flowering plants are lolling in a mournful pose. Tall plants are leaning - some have even made it to the earth where they seem to be considering whether or not they should  gather up energy for another flowering later in the season. 

On a dog-walk we spotted bell heather in flower. We also noticed many deep purple orchids bowing out. They've been our companions on our regular dog walk for some weeks now. One later tall mauve still blo…

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