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June - "In the Dark, Seeing the Light"

A misty day in Caithness. Not typical June weather but mystical. I walked in it yesterday and loved it. Today I stayed indoors and did some sewing. Both activities gave me time to think. And I thought! When I read about the goings-on globally, my thoughts are a combination of sorrow, anger and desperation. When I walk and observe the signs around me, when I read about the natural world from the trees, the flowers, the animals, birds and insects, my thoughts are a combination of gratitude, delight and hope. If you've read my book, "Child Of The Earth", you'll know that I don't close my mind to the depreciation of the planet and the loss of safe environments for all species, but I am not going to waste a single moment of connectivity with what we still have. 

As a child in the Isle of Axholme, I only knew the delights of the British countryside. As a student in Yorkshire, I began to understand the devastating effect of fast traffic and motorways on British wildlife …

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