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Bluebells The cuckoos and swallows have arrived at Stempster House - so Summer is on its way! The cuckoo was first heard here on Thursday, 28th April when I was pegging out the washing. I was on my own and everyone believed I had heard it but I still wanted someone else to hear it too. Judith saw one first - in the windfarm woodland - but then the others heard them too. It's a wonderful sound from what amounts to a bit of a terrorist really! Ginny and Judith spotted the first swallows the day before I heard the cuckoo - on the 27th April. They were circling around the farm buildings next door and, since then, they have filled our skies - in sunshine and in rain. There are thousands of tiny insects for the swallows and martins - and we are rather grateful that they are so hungry! (I'm thinking of dangling corks from my sun hat!) This morning Ginny and Clem walked through a flight of swallows as they took Orlando and Jess down to the river. It was on the corner by the broch where

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